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Unique ecological Wood-lamps

The Wood-lamps

Bohm-Lamps stays for handcrafted unique lamps made of dead wood. Every lamp is an individual product which, just like artwork, does not exist a second time.

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our Philosophy

Besides aiming to produce in a most ecological manner by using dead wood and natural oils, according to our slogan "Help the Nature to Re-Lighten" 10 % of the sale return of each lamp will be contributed to reforestation and nature conservation projects.



At the moment, every contribution out of sale returns go to Naturefund e.V. in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Naturefund e.V.



About Us

We are a young and dynamic start-up company with the aim to create in a most possibly ecological manner unique and individual handcrafted products.


We use for our lamps only dead and regional wood which we receive, e.g. from people out of their gardens.
We air-dry the wood without any technical or chemical support for some months.
We treat the wood only with natural oils (e.g. lineseed oil) and paints.

Unique and handcafted.

The design of every wood-lamp is a result of the natural growth form of the available dead wood. Thus, every lamp is a unique handcrafted product that exists no second time. To protect the nativeness of the wood along the manufacturing process, only a manual production (for e.g. debarking and grinding) can be done. Additonally, that gives us the possiblity to design each lamp individually and to customize according to our clients' wishes.